Galaxy Newsletter- January 2016


Welcome to Galaxy’s January Newsletter

In the Galaxy Room there are quarterly newsletters to give parents an overview of any changes and showcase the fantastic activities that take place.

Staff News

As you are aware, Emily Ballard, Deputy Manager, will be leaving to open the new Watford BLS on Friday 29th January. We will be very sad to say goodbye to Emily, but we are glad that she will not be too far away and remains part of the BLS family.

Kelly Kempster will continue as the Supernumerary Deputy as BLS Mill Hill.

Kelly is an experienced nursery practitioner with 9 years childcare experience behind her.

Please join us in welcoming Kelly to the BLS family

Happy New Year! We are excited to confirm the ‘Footsteps’ software is being used in all learning rooms at BLS. Footsteps allow key persons to observe children and plan effective next steps to further their development.  One of the benefits of using ‘Footsteps’ is to build upon our partnerships and communication with parents and to strengthen our observation, assessment and planning process. We look forward to sending you regular observations and progress reports.

The Galaxy children have learnt about the Jewish festival Hanukkah. Hanukkah is the festival of light and lasts eight days. The Jewish faith celebrates Hanukkah to commemorate the miracle of oil. The children made and painted lights and spoke about the festival and its meaning.

As well as Hanukkah the children celebrated Christmas. The children were visited by Father Christmas and were each given a gift. Teaching children about different religions and festivals allows the children to understand the world, people and communities, the children also learn to respect each other’s beliefs and cultures.

Whilst following the science and botany project the children learnt about how things grow. The children looked at the growth of plants in the growing area in the garden, as well as themselves by comparing their heights using a height chart.

Over the last couple of months the children have created three beautiful display boards. A ‘day and night’ display, using different materials, e.g. cotton wool to make clouds. The children spoke about what they see during the day and night and read stories about the night owls. (Notices detailed features of objects in their environment.- Understanding of the world – The world. 22-36 months.

The children were involved in creating a transport display, finding out about different forms of transport and making the different noises. The children painted pictures of transport and played with the cars and garage. (Enjoys playing with small-world models such as a farm, a garage, or a train track)- Understanding of the world – The world. 22-36 months.

The third display was related to growth, how we have grown from babies into toddlers. The children read stories and looked at photographs of themselves when they were little, which they thoroughly enjoyed. (Enjoys pictures and stories about themselves, their families and other people) – Understanding of the world – People and communities. 16-26 months.

Upcoming dates for dairy

Thursday 28th January – Parent involvement morning

9.30 – 10.30

All parents/carers are welcome to join in with our “making the world” activity and to talk about where the children come from. This is a perfect opportunity to be involved with the children and be creative.

Wednesday 20th February – Breakfast club ­­

8.00 – 9.00

All parents/carers are invited to join us for a tea / coffee / croissant and a catch up. If you would like to attend please put your name down on the list at the reception desk. The breakfast club will run every 6 weeks.