The Best Start to the New Year for you and your Family

The holiday season is behind us and the New Year has already begun. As we settle back into our routine of work or nursery/school, it’s important to remember those goals that we have set for ourselves for this New Year. Whether your goal was to become healthier or better organised, keeping these goals is what’s important. This is especially true if you have children.

Setting Goals for the Whole Family

When you set goals that include your children, you are teaching them a lesson about the value of determination. You are showing them resolve and how important it is to constantly make improvements in your life. But what goals should you set for your family?

Healthy Eating Habits

Setting family goals for the New Year should be something that everyone is an important part of. Perhaps you want to start healthy habits like exercising more as a family or cooking meals together at home. Or maybe you want to travel more or bring more togetherness within your family. These are all very good goals for the New Year that are not too difficult to achieve.

Healthy Routines for Children

Whatever your family goals for the New Year, they should be inclusive of everyone’s needs. While focusing on making improvements in your life, be sure to remember your children’s needs. Set healthy goals for them such as reducing screen time and increasing physical activity.

Looking After Yourselves as Parents

In order to positively impact the whole family, you have to look after yourself as well. As parents, we always put our children’s needs first and often forget about our own. While admirable, this can lead to parents who are unhappy, unhealthy and burned out. Be sure to focus on your own needs to ensure that you are healthy enough, both physically and mentally, to properly care for your family’s needs. Plan a date night with your spouse, go to the gym or take a class while your children are in nursery/school. Whatever you do, do something positive for yourself so that you can do something positive for your family.

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