Embracing Winter

Winter weather can pose new challenges, but also offer new experiences for children too! Here we offer ideas of how to engage with rain, wind and snow. Not only to support children’s learning, but also to engage with the elements. As the British fellwalker and guidebook author/illustrator Alfred Wainright famously said, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”.

Suitable Clothing

There are the obvious wellington boots and all in one rain suits for keeping dry. Hats, gloves, scarves and coats for keeping warm. (Tip – multiple thinner layers are better than one thick layer.) Children need freedom to explore. Allowing children to get wet and/or muddy and even a little bit cold (just for a short time) are all valuable learning experiences.

Embrace a Rainy Day

A rainy day isn’t all bad! Splashing in puddles is mandatory! Take some food colouring out with you and turn the puddles into rainbows. Add eco-friendly washing up liquid and whisk them into bubbles. Practice throwing pebbles into the middle of them.

Catch the Wind

Take out ribbons, scarves and streamers and tie them onto sticks to create magic wands. Make paper aeroplanes and see how far they will fly. Blow bubbles into the wind and watch them scatter. Make your own windchimes using various materials e.g. metal spoons, plastic egg cups and wooden utensils.

Listen to the Snow

Try to contain their excitement and ask them to stand still and listen. Snow acts like a noise dampener, do they notice? Ask them to listen as they step slowly through the snow and hear it crunching underneath them. Then let them loose to create snow-angels, snow people and snowballs!


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