4 Fun Things To Do This Summer With Children

Summer 2020 was unlike any other we’ve experienced before, but 2021 already seems to be a lot better. With the roll out of vaccination programmes and lockdowns being lifted, many entertainment and recreational areas have been reopened. Still, we need to ensure the safety of our children and ourselves which means that we could be practicing social distancing for some time to come. That doesn’t mean that families can’t have any fun this summer.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some fun things to do this summer with children:

Get Back To Nature

As the pandemic isn’t completely over yet, it is better to spend time outdoors this summer. Hike nature trails, visit local parks, and camp for a few days. This is an easy way to avoid the crowd and minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Fresh air, physical activity, and exposure to sun can do wonders for our well-being. Children definitely love spending time in nature because they will discover new things.

Go To An Outdoor Cinema

Outdoor cinemas and drive-ins were popular in 1950’s America and now they are reappearing to address the need for social distancing. While many cinemas are shutting down, outdoor drive-ins are popping up everywhere such as the Luna Cinema at Harpenden Common or the Drive In Film Club at Alexandra Palace. These drive-ins have short-range FM radio transmitters, so you can use your car’s stereo to listen to the audio. Alternatively, each family member can use a smartphone and earphones to tune to the FM signal. Ticket prices of drive-ins theatre are generally more affordable and it’s a great way to watch the latest animated films with your children.

Play Indoor Games

Indoor games are a great way to escape the summer heat and to educate your children about many new and exciting things. Board games teach reading, social skills, turn taking, logic, and math to your children. Classic games can be fun for younger children who are still learning how to count and read. Board games with certain themes like Disney Villainous, Clue Harry Potter and Monopoly Fortnite are also worth a try.

Go To The Beach

If you can find quieter beaches to have fun during summer then keeping physical distancing will be easier. Children can play freely and they don’t have to wear face masks, because there’s barely anyone within a close distance. Make sand-castles with children or let them play in the water. Keep an eye on children at all times, especially if the beach has bigger waves.

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