Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations to Enjoy Making With All The Family

As the festive season approaches, what better way to celebrate than by creating eco-friendly Christmas decorations that bring joy to your home and the planet? At Bright Little Stars, we believe in combining creativity with sustainability, making the holiday season even more special for your family. Join us on a journey to explore delightful, eco-conscious Christmas decorations that you can enjoy making together.

Recycled Paper Ornaments: Crafting Memories With Old Magazines

Gather around the table and transform old magazines into charming Christmas ornaments. Cut colourful pages into strips, fold them into intricate shapes, and secure them with eco-friendly glue. The result? Unique and vibrant ornaments that carry the essence of up-cycling.

Nature-Inspired Wreaths: A Walk In The Woods At Your Doorstep

Take a family stroll in the great outdoors and collect fallen branches, pinecones, and evergreen sprigs. Back home, weave these natural elements into beautiful wreaths. Adorn with recycled ribbons or fabric for a touch of festive flair. It’s a wonderful way to bring the beauty of nature indoors.

Up-cycled Glass Jar Lanterns: Radiance From Repurposed Jars

Empty glass jars find new life as enchanting lanterns. Coat the jars with eco-friendly paint or decoupage recycled tissue paper onto their surfaces. Place LED tea lights inside for a warm, safe glow that adds a magical touch to your home.

Fabric Scrap Garlands: Stitching Together Holiday Cheer

Dive into your fabric scraps and create charming garlands by cutting them into festive shapes. Sew or tie the pieces onto a long string, creating a colourful and eco-conscious decoration that reflects the diversity of your fabric collection.

Cinnamon Sticks:

Don’t forget the aromatic touch of cinnamon sticks in your festive creations! Transform these fragrant wonders into delightful tree ornaments by wrapping them with elegant ribbons and tying them into bows. The simplicity of this project adds a rustic charm to your decorations. Get creative and explore various ways to incorporate cinnamon sticks into your Christmas crafts, whether it’s adorning wreaths, making garlands, or even crafting personalised gift tags. The result? Beautiful decorations that not only visually enhance your space but also infuse it with the warm and inviting scent of cinnamon, creating a truly sensorial holiday experience for your family.

Edible Decorations: A Feast for the Eyes and the Tastebuds

Combine holiday spirit with a love for wildlife by crafting edible decorations for outdoor trees. String together popcorn, cranberries, and apple slices to create festive garlands that also serve as delightful treats for birds and other wildlife.

This holiday season, make memories that matter by creating eco-friendly Christmas decorations with your family. The joy of crafting together is heightened when paired with the satisfaction of knowing your creations are gentle on the planet. At Bright Little Stars, we believe in not only celebrating the festive spirit but also instilling in children the importance of sustainability and environmental stewardship. As you deck the halls with your beautiful, eco-conscious decorations, take a moment to share the significance of caring for the environment with your little ones.