Grow Your Own: Easy Herbs and Veggies to Grow at Home with Your Little Ones

Looking for something new to teach your little ones or maybe something to learn with them? Gardening is the perfect hobby to try out. Not only does it give children a reason to be out in nature, but it also helps to teach them vital skills that will help them in adult life. Gardening is a wonderful skill to learn for children of all ages and it gives you a chance to bond and escape screen time. PS – Don’t forget to bring wellies and a change of clothes!

Gardening can be so much fun to do as a family and it’s a perfect way to encourage your children to eat healthier. The chances are your children will be interested in trying what they’ve grown. This is your opportunity to experiment with different foods and learn together. You might even find a new family tradition.

Here are the easiest herbs and veggies to grow at home with your family.

Carrots: The Easiest Veggie

Carrots are by far the easiest vegetable that you can grow with your little ones. Carrots are an extremely durable vegetable to grow, not only can they survive in almost any climate, but they come in a number of different varieties, such as chantenay carrots (a smaller version).

Peas: Easy Peasy

Peas are ‘easy peasy’ when it comes to gardening. Not only are they easy to grow, but they also grow quite fast, which is convenient for reducing waiting time. Peas are also super fun when it comes to harvesting them at the end. Although it might seem like a tedious task, children will enjoy picking and shelling the peas once ready for harvesting.

Mint: The Easiest Herb

When it comes to herbs, mint is the easiest to grow. Mint is quite a resourceful herb and will even thrive if you forget to tend to it. The only potential problem with mint is that you will usually have more than you actually planned to grow. Mint is notorious for spreading like wildfire.

Potatoes: You Don’t Need a Garden Patch

Potatoes are perfect if you don’t have a garden patch or room to spare in your garden. You can actually grow potatoes in your house, in front of a sunny window. All you need is a container or something to house your potatoes while they grow. The best time to plant potatoes is in the spring, so you might be waiting a while before you can grow them!

Thyme: The Strongest Herb

Thyme is the strongest herb of them all. Not only can thyme survive without regular watering, but it can even handle weight, such as being stood on. This is ideal if you have pets, and if your children get a bit too excited while planting or even forget they are there.