Hope for 2021!

The challenges of 2020 are now giving way to the hopes of 2021. Here are a few ways to inspire your children for a brighter 2021!

Caring for Community

2020 certainly highlighted the importance of caring for each other and the feel-good factor of being part of a community. Take opportunities to support your local area. See what charities and foodbanks you can donate time and funds to, see if any residents’ homes have programs for connecting children with older people for an intergenerational pen pal.

Show Kindness to Everyone

The best time to practice kindness is when your child is young. It’s one of the most important personality traits to develop in the early years. Teach your children that behaviour is always communicating something, and as we may not know what someone is going through, kindness is always best! There are many games, activities and books to read about kindness (e.g. Be Kind by Pat Zietlow Miller) that are easy for children to understand and will aid their social development.

Be Eco-Friendly

Developing children’s understanding of the world is vital. Staying at home and travelling less in 2020 had a huge impact on our natural world. Show children the photographs and talk about it with them. Discuss how each of us can make a difference by being eco-friendly at home. For example; being less wasteful, recycling, shopping without packaging and being active instead of taking transport, are all ways children can be more eco-friendly!

We trust these ideas give you ways of looking forward as a family. From all of us here at Bright Little Stars, we wish you hope for a brighter 2021!

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