Activities for Parents and Little Ones to do at Home during the Coronavirus Pandemic

With the current Coronavirus pandemic, parents are adding the role of full-time educator to their long list of responsibilities. This unique time can be very rewarding but also very challenging.  At Bright Little Stars, we are really missing our families and we are trying our best to support our parents and little ones at home.

One way, we have been trying to help is by sending out weekly home-learning timetables, created by Gill our Head of Teaching & School Relationships, to our parents for each of our learning rooms. These give daily, detailed ideas of activities that provide learning in a fun and engaging way, whilst attempting to keep resources close to those already at home, or fairly easy to obtain. Below are some examples of these activities.

Activities That You Can Do With Your Children

Art Projects

Art is a direct way to nurture the creativity and imagination of your children. A piece of paper can be turned into something magical by using simple origami techniques. Old clothes can be used to make new outfits for dolls, teddy bears and/or actions heroes. Children who love to draw can be encouraged to create a self-portrait with the use of a mirror. Allow your child to get creative with your smartphone and take artistic photographs with different angles and lighting conditions.

Indoor Play Activities

Parents can set up treasure hunts with clues and favourite toys hidden somewhere in the house. Children may also build dens with pillows, sheets and cushions from the sofa. Small toys or Lego characters can be used to make stop-motion movies with a smartphone. Stop Motion apps are available for both Android and iOS. The living room can then be turned into a cinema whilst adding in a popcorn treat! The treats could be ‘paid’ for in tokens that they have earned doing jobs around the house or garden if they are old enough.


Dig out your recipe books and look through them as a family. Choose a dish and get cooking! Be prepared to improvise or substitute for items you currently can’t buy.

Outdoor Play Activities

If your home has a big enough garden, move the treasure hunt outside and/or make it a scavenger hunt. To keep children fit and active, can create an obstacle course together using buckets and other safe objects for them to jump over. Take lunch outside and have it as a picnic on a blanket.

Home Organisation

Ask children to organise books in alphabetical order or into the colours of the rainbow. Involve your child in the housework. Give them a designated role and responsibility. Sort through your art and crafts supplies to prepare them for the next creative project.

Fun Education

Read together a lot! Watch/listen to (good quality) on-line versions of quality books. BookTrust is a great place to start.  With Google Earth, they can go on virtual tours to see popular places around the world.


We wish you and your loved ones the best of health during this time. Stay safe and well.


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