Saying Goodbye and Preparing your Children for their Next Chapter

It’s an exciting time and a major milestone when our children transition from Supernova to ‘Big School’. It can however be quite an unsettling time for parents, children and our staff alike. Here at Bright Little Stars Nursery it is often tinged with sadness, as we see the children that we nurtured, watched grow and supported in their learning, move onto their next chapter. Despite our sadness, we are always so happy to see our little ones turn into the brightest of stars and wish them all the best on their journey.

To support you in this process we have put together some of our top tips to prepare both you and your child for this next adventure.

Focus on Tasks to Boost their Independence

Helping your child to prepare for school does not always mean it is explicitly revolved around school-based activities. Skills that boost their independence are the place to start. An independent child is a confident child, a confident child is a happy, resilient child who is ready to learn. Teach your child how to manage the toilet independently, wash and dry their hands, put their shoes on and off, dress and undress, blow their own nose, peel their own fruit and use a knife and fork.

Communication and Social Skills

Support your child in giving them the vocabulary they require to express their feelings, emotions and needs. Help them understand instructions and talk to them about the importance of following instructions from their new teachers.


Incorporate books relating to school, into your daily reading sessions. Use the pictures to discuss what might be happening and how your child may feel. Ask questions about the pictures and encourage your child to do the same. This will support them in beginning to understand the concept of going to school and what they will experience there.

School Role Play

As nursery educators, we understand that incorporating school into nursery is important and this is done through role play. We give children the opportunity to dress in school uniforms and role-play packing their school bag. Whenever possible, allow your child to practise dressing and undressing into their new uniform at home. We also practise lining up and using trays for our food at lunch time.

Visit their New School over Summer

Take every opportunity to visit their new school, including summer fetes and open day events. Where this is not possible, make the trip to and from the school, so both you and your child can get used to the new journey.

Create Excitement

If possible have play-dates with other children you know, who are going to the same school. Talk about the exciting learning opportunities they will be given and all the new friends they will make.

 Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and from everyone here at Bright Little Stars we wish your little one the best of luck for their future!