The Importance of Family this Father’s Day

The definition of the word family can mean many things. However, we can perhaps agree that words to describe family should include; love, compassion and support.

The past few months have thrown families together and enforced shared time and space. This can create opportunities to cement relationships, but can also put a strain on difficult ones. Let us use Father’s Day as a time to reflect on those things that we love about our family and those things we are grateful for in them. In our preschooler’s Additional Home Learning we have suggested making an “I Value You” tree. This is where we consider the things we value about members of our family and write them on leaves/hearts and place them on our tree. We can then re-read them when needed!

Showing our love and appreciation on Father’s Day

Breakfast in Bed

Help your little one make dad’s favourite breakfast and serve it to him in bed.

Create a Masterpiece

Inspire your little one by getting out all your craft items and let them create their own beautiful masterpiece for dad.

Father’s Day Card

Children can make their own handmade Father’s Day cards. With some arts and crafts supplies, little ones can make a personalised gift for dad!

Family Time on Father’s Day

Take a Hike

Go for a family stroll in a local nature reserve, park or just around the neighbourhood.

Spend a Day at the Park

Pack a picnic basket with dad’s favourite snacks, roll up a blanket and head out to a local park for a fun Father’s Day (hopefully) in the sun, (we hope!).

Build A Fort

You can take advantage of dad’s handy skills in the most fun way possible. Grab some cushions, blankets, bed sheets and pillows, and go to town building the perfect fort.

Cheer on the Home Team

If dad’s a sports fan, sit down and watch a replay of his favourite team.


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