The Truths and the Dos and Don’ts of Private School Applications

It can be one of the most stressful roles as a parent, when the time comes to make the decision on which schools to make applications to. Here at BLS we are in the unique position of having Gill Baldemor as our Head of Teaching & School Relationships to support our parents with this challenge. The ultimate goal being that parents make informed decisions on these schools and are able to match the right school to their child.

Gill splits her time between visiting schools to build relationships and supporting the pre-school rooms to ensure our children are ‘School Ready’.

Along with specific workshops in School Applications, Being School Ready and Home Learning, Gill also provides BLS parents with an abundance of resources to support the process at home. Private schools often talk about not wanting ‘tutored’ children and this is certainly not something we recommend. There are however activities that you can (and should) carry out daily with your child to give them the best chance. Parents of BLS children successful in gaining offers from private schools have also shared their experiences with Gill and she is then able to pass this on to prospective parents.

The Truths

  • Schools are more interested in your child’s capabilities than in what your child ‘knows’.
  • Schools do assess your child in terms of behaviours and attitudes.
  • Schools are assessing the whole family (that includes you!)
  • A child can be shy and very capable.
  • BLS have no input into the schools’ process (apart from reports where requested) and cannot guarantee entry.
  • BLS have extensive knowledge of the process that we share with you in workshops and on a 1 to 1 basis.
  • If a child is successful at the school most appropriate to them, they will be happy and confident learners.


The Do’s

  • Attend the BLS ‘Schools’ Information and Applications Workshop’.
  • Use the Parent Area of the BLS website that gives activities that will support your child in this process.
  • Call the assessments “play dates”.
  • Make your child as relaxed as possible.
  • Visit the school as often as possible beforehand.
  • Have a treat planned after the assessment.
  • Prepare them for separation.
  • Make sure they are dressed comfortably.
  • Prepare your own questions.
  • Apply to more than one school.
  • Keep your routine as ‘normal’ as possible on the day.
  • Take appropriate distraction items for any periods of waiting.


The Dont’s

  • Call them “assessments”.
  • Pass on your anxiety to your child.
  • Keep them up late the night before.
  • Apply to too many schools.


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