Ways to Instil Kindness in Your Children

As parents and caregivers, we understand that we are responsible not just for the physical and mental wellbeing of children but also their values. Children learn many social skills through both their home environment and their childcare, so at Bright Little Stars nursery we care a lot about creating friendly and kind children and know many parents who care about this deeply. That’s why this month we’re sharing our wisdom on how to instil kindness in children.

Defining Kindness

It is likely that, through play and through books and films, children do have a basic idea of kindness, but it is still helpful to define it with them. You can prompt discussion about this by praising them, ‘Sharing your toy with Emily was very kind, well done.’ You can also ask them when someone was kind to them and ask how it made them feel. Talking through actions and feelings is the best way to help children identify what kindness looks like and feels like.

Model Kindness for Them

Children learn so much from their surroundings, so it is important to be a clear role model for them at home. Be sure to practice kindness and discuss kindness at home. This includes being kind to yourself as well! Empathy, gentle parenting and taking time for play and kind actions all contribute to their understanding and development of kindness.

Consider Other’s Feelings

Kindness benefits everyone around us which is why it has such a good impact. Discussing people’s feelings will help children learn what action is needed to show kindness. For example, sharing an umbrella in the rain, providing comfort to someone who is visibly upset, sitting with someone who is lonely and asking them questions to include them in social settings, are all great examples of reasoning how someone may feel and what is a kind act to make an impact in that moment.

Children are a great way to make a difference in the world. With the above considerations, and support from your nursery, we can instil kindness in all children and make the world a brighter and gentler place!